Celwydd Noeth

The new quiz Celwydd Noeth (Blatant Lie) is an unusual type of quiz as the contestants don’t need to answer any questions.

The task in S4C’s new quiz show is to separate fact from fiction – but with a £10,000 prize up for grabs, will the pressure be too much for some contestants?

In each round they will be presented with a list of facts, and among them is one ‘blatant lie’. Working in pairs, they must select the false fact in order to move on to the next level, claiming more money for the prize pot. Only by selecting each lie correctly, and reaching the final level, can the contestants claim the £10,000 jackpot.

Setting the challenge and handing out the winnings is the highly talented and experienced broadcaster Nia Roberts, originally from Anglesey.

“The money increases with each step and the list of facts gets longer too. It’s easy enough perhaps to select a lie from a list of three, but when you have a list of eight facts and you’re competing for a lot of money – against the clock, under the spotlight – that’s when the doubts creep in!” says Nia about the tension in the studio.

“Perhaps you’d usually know full well which one is the lie, but under the pressure it’s a different story. I’m sure viewers will be screaming at the screen at times! But of course, when watching at home you have nothing to lose!”

With so much money at stake it’s no wonder the competitors feel a little apprehensive as they take on the challenge. Nia’s task is to calm the nerves and make them feel comfortable.

“What I enjoy is the chance to get to know the characters,” says Nia. “They compete in pairs, and there are many different combinations – brother and sister, father and son and several friends. Watching this dynamic unfold is interesting: Who is the leader? The way they disagree and doubt each other’s answers. The pressure does tell on some but it’s nice to see many leave with a tidy sum in their pockets.”

The first pair facing the challenge is Rhys Evans and Gwyn Roberts, step-son and step-father from Pentrefoelas. They are both teachers, but are they smart enough to spot the lie? Also in the first programme, we meet Heulwen Jones and Nerys Morris, life-long friends who hope to return to Llanybydder with a pocket full of cash.

Celwydd Noeth, Thursday January 22 at 8.25 on S4C